Case Results

Asylum Granted for Victim of Domestic Violence

Recently the Law Office of Kermit A. Monge, received an Asylum Grant from the Arlington Immigration Court for a woman who had been the victim of domestic violence in her home country. Attorney Monge assisted Respondent with preparing her asylum application, collecting evidence, preparing an asylum memorandum, preparing Respondent for trial, and ultimately representing Respondent during her immigration removal trial.

Attorney Monge successfully argued that Respondent was a member of a particular social group, had experienced past persecution, and had a well founded fear of future persecution in her home country. Respondent’s child, who entered the United States with his mother, was also granted asylum as a derivative beneficiary. Respondent is now able to live in the United States without fear of being deported back to her home country where she would certainly face abuse at the hands of her domestic partner. After holding asylum status for one (1) year, Respondent will be eligible to apply for permanent residence (green card) in the United States.

If you have believe that you have suffered persecution in your home country, please contact Attorney Monge at (703) 273-5500 to discuss your specific case to see if you qualify for asylum in the United States. Attorney Monge has the expertise to evaluate your case and assist you with presenting your claim to USCIS or to an Immigration Judge.

$25,000.00 Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Salon Worker, Olivia Martinez

In January, 2014, Olivia was at work at a hair salon in Tysons Corner, Virginia. As Olivia was reaching to grab towels from the top of a cabinet, Olivia slipped and fell backwards onto the ground. Immediately, Olivia felt pain in her neck, but continued working. A week later Olivia was still in pain and went to her doctor where she was diagnosed with spinal myelopathy and received medical treatment.

In 2014, Olivia filed her Virginia Workers’ Compensation claim by herself. After two years of being denied payment for her injuries Olivia came to the Law Office of Kermit A. Monge, PLLC for help, three (3) weeks prior to her scheduled workers’ compensation trial. Olivia was still suffering from migraines and back pain as a result of the slip and fall. Attorney Monge immediately began settlement negotiations with the defense lawyer. Initially, the defense lawyer alleged that the injury was not work related and was not compensable. Attorney Monge successfully advocated for Olivia’s benefits and Olivia’s workers’ compensation claim was settled for $25,000.00. A two and a half year ordeal had finally finished for Olivia and Olivia thanks the Law Office of Kermit A. Monge, PLLC, for the prompt resolution of her Virginia Workers’ Compensation claim.

Virginia Workers’ Compensation claims can be very complicated, if you have been injured while at work, please contact Attorney Monge at (703) 273-5500 to discuss your specific case. Attorney Monge has the expertise to evaluate your case and assist you with being compensated for your injuries.

Maria Heredia Becomes a United States Citizen

Maria Heredia was born in Bolivia and became a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States in 2001. Since the date that Maria became a permanent resident, her only wish was to become a US Citizen. Before coming to the Law Office of Kermit A. Monge, PLLC, Maria had applied for citizenship three (3) times, but Maria was denied each time. This fourth time Maria decided to use the serves of Attorney Monge. Attorney Monge prepared Maria for the citizenship interview, attended the citizenship interview with Maria, and ascertained that Maria was examined in her native language, Spanish. Maria was overcome by joy when her citizenship interview occurred in Spanish, as Maria had been interviewed in English during her three (3) prior interviews. Maria described the citizenship process with Attorney Monge as being quick, easy, and painless. Maria was tested at 8:00AM, passed the exam and was approved for United States citizenship at 9:00AM, and Maria was scheduled to returned to the Fairfax, Virginia, USCIS office at 1:00PM for her naturalization and oath of allegiance ceremony. Maria thanks the help of Attorney Monge for assisting her to achieve her dream of becoming a Citizen of the United States.


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